Palm Kids Club

Palm Kids Club, formally Curious Kids Centre, is an educational and recreational organisation which is dedicated to unearthing and honing the unique, creative skills of children, to facilitate their holistic development.

The Club aims to engage children in exciting past-time activities, help them reduce screen time, nurture in them positive attitudes and dispositions, help them use their time profitably, and keep them away from unhelpful distractions, as well as unhealthy engagements, that can jeopardise their future and potential. At the heart of the organisation is a deep love for children, a desire to preserve their innocence, create fond childhood memories, and hone their gifts and talents for the benefit of the child, family and society.

Our Mission

To provide extra-curricular, educational and recreational programmes to children of all ages, so as to enable them realise their full potential.

Our Vision

To develop a brand that will make Palm Kids Club the most preferred extra-curricular and recreational service provider in the city and beyond.

About Us

Palm Kids Club (formally Curious Kids Club) was founded  on 19 March 2022, by Dr. (Mrs.) Ekua Mansoa Addae. Ekua is a seasoned management professional, who is a specialist in educational management, and an ardent advocate of holistic child development.

Ekua identified a deficiency in the extra-curricular areas of child development, and accordingly set up the Club to provide children opportunities to acquire skills in the following areas:

  • Musical instruments
  • Voice coaching
  • Technology and engineering (STEM)
  • Dance (contemporary, ballet)
  • Theatre arts
  • Sports (swimming, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Reading and writing

The Club also provides the following recreational platforms, aimed at helping children enjoy their childhood while staying healthy – both in mind and body:

  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Board games and
  • Book club

Club sessions are held on weekends and vacations on the premises of Palms International School.

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